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Jeddah Qaderoon Award

Jeddah Qaderoon Award is a competition between organizations launched by Jeddah Municipality in cooperation with Qaderoon to compete on the extent of the application of universal access standards. This competition aims to promote and celebrate the implementation of universal access standards, fostering an inclusive environment for people with disabilities.

"We believe in the power of equal access and the positive impact it creates. Every step toward universal access standards helps in building a more inclusive and supportive community for everyone including persons with disability"

Our Mission
Braille Inscription in Railing

Our Mission

Our mission is to drive awareness and action towards the implementation of universal access standards in all establishments, creating an environment where people with disabilities can fully participate and contribute.

Our Vision

We envision a future where universal access standards are seamlessly integrated into every aspect of society, empowering people with disabilities to lead independent and fulfilling lives.


Support Inclusivity Today!

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Jeddah Qaderoon

Empowering business owners

and people with disabilities


Jeddah Amana

Qaderoon Business Disability Network



Phone: 920012448

Address: Frimex Plaza, 9105 Ibrahim Al Juffali Street Jeddah 23326-3764

Saudi Arabia.

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